Io Shirai Reveals An Interesting Royal Rumble Related Note, Injuries


NXT Superstar Io Shirai revealed in an interview with Tokyo Sports she was originally going to be a participant in the Royal Rumble match, but had to withdrawal from the match due to injuries. The injury occurred during a match with Toni Storm on the January 22nd edition of NXT.

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“I had a match with Toni Storm before the Royal Rumble, when Storm hit a tope to me at outside of the ring, my knee had bent to the wrong direction,” Shirai said. “I was scheduled to participate (in the) Royal Rumble, but I was so frustrated that I (couldn’t) participate.”

“The medial collateral ligament of the right knee was damaged. The medical staff said, ‘It’s bad and the recovery time is 3-4 months,’ but I thought it would be possible in a month. It took me two months to come back, but I was surprised at how fast the recovery was.”

Shirai would make her return on March 22nd to confront Charlotte Flair, the current NXT Women’s Champion. They have a championship match set for this week’s episode of NXT.

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