Iron Sheik Rips Fandango, Scott Hall Donating To Charity


Ranjit Chahal sent in the following newsbits:

— Scott Hall and DDP have both tweeted that they are planning to donate any extra money raised to charity. They’ve now raised over 100k.

— Despite being one of the most popular performers in the company and despite working a good match against Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler was removed from this week’s version of Monday Night Raw that WWE sends over to Hulu Plus. Statistically, the Money in the Bank winner has been losing viewers while on TV.

— Very few things are as entertaining to read as the Twitter account for The Iron Sheik. While watching Monday Night RAW Monday night, a derogatory tweet was made towards Fandango. The Iron Sheik tweeted: “Fandango dog shit I see him in the new York I break his back make him humble”

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