Is Bobby Roode Backstage At TNA Lockdown?


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Bobby Roode is currently in San Antonio, Texas. He reportedly worked out the contract issues with TNA and he will be working the Lockdown pay-per-view tonight. The issue with his contract expiring was said to be Bruce Prichard’s fault, but the situation has now been rectified.

We reported the following late last night here on the website:

UPDATE: The talk in the TNA locker room is that talent relations head Bruce Prichard mistakenly allowed Bobby Roode’s contract to expire. A source stated that Roode actually had to bring his contract status to the company’s attention. As of right now, they are working to get a new deal done before tomorrow night’s Lockdown pay-per-view. Roode can now play “hardball” if he chooses as he’s booked and needed for the pay-per-view.

Story developing …. stay tuned for more.

ORIGINAL: According to TNA sources, there is some sort of a contract issue between Bobby Roode and TNA. If the issue is not worked out within the next 24 hours, Roode will not be performing at tomorrow’s TNA Lockdown pay-per-view. Roode and Austin Aries are scheduled to defend the TNA tag titles against Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez as well as Christopher Daniels and Kazarian in a triple threat match.

Roode has not appeared on TNA TV since February 24th, missing the last two tapings. While people within TNA were keeping the issue quiet, it quickly became clear there was a problem since all the TNA talent was in San Antonio early for a fan fest today and there was no sign of Roode.

While TNA hasn’t commented on the issue, word is that the contract issue dates back a few weeks and the two sides are talking to work things out.

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