Is Brock Lesnar The ‘Last Paul Heyman Guy?’, More


Tom Clark of The Layfield Report has posted a new story discussing if Brock Lesnar will be the last “Paul Heyman guy” in the WWE. Below an excerpt from the piece:

The recent return of Brock Lesnar to WWE has delivered for fans on many levels. His match with Big Show at the Royal Rumble was a very brutal contest, in which The Beast physically decimated The World’s Largest Athlete with a steel chair. That match was an assertion of Brock’s position, a statement that he was still the alpha male of the company.

His return has also delivered the man that many fans feel is the greatest manager of all time, Paul Heyman. But now that The Brains is once again handling the reigns of The Beast, the question is will anyone else step up to receive Heyman’s sage words of wisdom? Will there be anymore Paul Heyman guys?

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