Is CJ Perry (Lana) Interested In Joining Miro In AEW?


While CJ Perry (Lana in WWE) isn’t currently under contract with any major professional wrestling promotion, she recently appeared on the “Last Word On Sports” podcast to discuss the possibility of going to AEW to join her husband Miro.

Additionally, she commented on her favorite storylines and moments during her WWE run, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On possibly going to AEW: “I truly believe Miro and I are a great package, wherever we go. We both love, above anything else in wrestling, the storytelling aspect of it. We have had a great run in WWE, and I enjoy watching Miro wrestle today, just as I used to do back then. Joining him again, wherever he goes wrestling is certainly an enticing offer for me. So, that’s why if I was to go there it would be about timing and story. I know we could add a lot to an already amazing show. It could happen next week or it could never happen. People will just have to wait to find out. And that is the best part about this business.”

On her favorite storylines and moments in her WWE run: “That’s a hard question because my favorite stories differ from my favorite matches! I loved my matches with Nia. I thought we always told a good “David vs Goliath” story in the ring. She put me through 9 tables!!!! That will always hold a place in my heart.

“My favorite stories were the controversial ones by far. I guess you can say I enjoy stirring the pot. Haha. I truly enjoyed the Russian run that we had and fighting John Cena at Wrestlemania with our tank and Russian soldiers! That was such a fun, year-long story we had! I am forever grateful to Triple H and Vince to have given me the iconic opportunity to play as a Russian villain on TV. I also thoroughly enjoyed the soap opera stories that Miro and I did with Dolph and Summer, Miro calling me “cold-fish Lana”, and closing out the decade with the most ridiculous train wreck wedding that trended on Twitter for 3 days afterward. People genuinely connect with the relationship stories. Most people in their life fall in love a couple of times, go through heartbreak, and eventually, find room in their hearts to love again. Most people won’t win a title or a gold medal in their lifetime, so title stories are much less relatable than relationship stories. To be honest, even I can’t relate to winning a title and I was a WWE Superstar for 8 years!”

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