Is CM Punk Taking Time Off?, Lance Storm Staying Retired


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with several of the following newsbits:

— Initially, the plans were for CM Punk to take a much needed break from the road following WrestleMania 29. The Rock and Brock Lesnar were believed to have been brought on board for the Extreme Rules pay per view in order to accommodate that. However, with Dwayne Johnson “injured” and pissed off at WWE right now, the belief is that Punk is going to have to cut that vacation short. We’ll see.

— Retirements in professional wrestling are usually not set in stone. A former ECW star, though, is bucking the trend and making his proclamation stick. When asked by a fan on Twitter if he would entertain the possibility of joining TNA or returning to WWE as an in ring performer, Lance Storm simply stated that he would not.

— Rick Ross made the headlines last week when the rapper was dropped as an endorser by Reebok because he boasted about rape in a song. Through Twitter, MVP decided to make fun of the situation, where the former WWE star noted that rape isn’t nearly as bad as the other things that Ross has talked about in his music for years now. MVP Tweeted:

“Reebok drops Ricky Rozay over “rape lyrics”. So Reebok, destroying communities with drugs & murder are OK but rape is crossing the line?”

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