Is DDP Considering A Return Match?, Details


Former WCW and WWE star Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with about a possible return to the ring. Here is what he had to say…

“I am part of the company again, just not in the ring. I’ve signed my Legends deal. You know, anything can happen over this next year, it’s gonna be a really cool time. I’ve done all the hard work in preparation, and if something comes up along the way then I would definitely be interested in listening to it.

The thing is for me, I wouldn’t just go out there and wrestle, to wrestle, if there was something that made sense, I could do it. Not probably to the same level as I could, say, in the ’90s, but I could come pretty close to that. But, it would be for one run, and that would be it. So I’m not going to waste that run, and I may never do it, and that would be fine with me, ’cause my body feels amazing! [laughs] and I don’t want do anything to screw that up!”

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