Is Tensai Bothered By ‘Albert’ Chants?, ‘Sunny’ Bookings, Mo


— Since returning to WWE, Tensai has often been subject to ridiculing chants referencing his past persona, A-Train, which talent are forbidden from acknowledging on-air. Contrary to popular belief, Tensai says he’s not bothered by them. “Not at all,” he wrote on Twitter when asked whether the chants annoy him. “Why would they? It’s who I was. Glad they remember.” Tensai was also asked what happened to the Hip Hop Hippo; he responded, “he got future endeavored.”

— WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch is accepting independent bookings for the remainder of the summer and the fall through [email protected]

— This week on WWE Download, Dolph Ziggler looks at a few guys who can’t quite hit their targets, and showcases several of Zack Ryder’s “shining” moments.

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