​Is The Miz A Heel Or Babyface?, Tough Enough Update, More


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

The Miz has been a heel at WWE Live Events
since he returned from shooting The Marine 4. He has been rumored to return with
Ric Flair next week on RAW in Cleveland, Ohio. Since it’s his hometown, he will
likely get a babyface reaction. They could keep him face or turn him against
Flair to get heat.

— According to recent reports, things are said to be moving slowly in
regards to the return of WWE’s “Tough Enough” reality a show, a program that the
company noted would be part of the WWE Network package in the near

As previously reported, filming for the show was
reportedly supposed to begin during the first week of July at the WWE
Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, however it is being said now that the
date could change.

Additionally, key talent WWE has under consideration
for cast members of the show are not locked in yet and timing is starting to
become an issue.

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