Is The Miz Leaving WWE?, Is MVP Returning To WWE?, More


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with some of the following newsbits:

— Just like The Rock did years ago, there are rumors that The Miz will be leaving WWE for Hollywood down the line. The only difference, though, is that this will not be a long lasting thing for the time being. The Miz is taking off to film a movie called Christmas Bounty, which began production this week. Some believe that this is the reason why he had to drop the WWE Intercontinental Championship to Wade Barrett on Monday Night RAW last week.

— MVP fulfilled his dream of wrestling in Japan and has now returned to the United States. There were rumors that he was interested in a return to WWE, where the door has remained open for him to do so. However, the former United States Heavyweight Champion is said to be leery about signing up for that hectic schedule that WWE performers have to work.

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