Is WrestleMania Sold Out?, Steve Austin In Miami, FL?, ROH


— A lot of tickets for WrestleMania XXVIII – which is still not sold out – are expected to be sold today and tomorrow at bargain prices.

— Steve Austin tweeted late last night that he was still on the west coast. Still no word yet if he is planning on flying into Miami for WrestleMania or the Hall of Fame.

— ROH’s Kenny King spoke with Zach Takes and Zach Grigg at the I Need Wrestling podcast about the wrestlers who inspired him to get into the business, his reaction to not winning Tough Enough 2 and more. Here are some highlights:

His inspirations: “I’m a very big Mr.Perfect fan, Arn Anderson, Rob Van Dam, he’s a guy I kind of took after. But what really made me want to do this was just the whole Tough Enough process, learning the ins and outs of what I use to watch on TV and learning how much it actually takes to be a pro wrestler.”

The Tough Enough audition: “That was a very long day. I remember I went on the first day. There had been a lot of guys who had been on the indy scene that had come out and just done their gimmick and they were tired of seeing that and Ivory came in and said, e need you guys to be original because your killing us.” When it came to my audition I got as outrageous as I could, but it was me.”

Were he and Jake surprised to not win Tough Enough 2?: “Hell yeah we were surprised, man. The winners from the first Tough Enough was one man, one women. We figured it’d be the same for the second season. But one thing I didn’t know until after was they just said they were going to give out two contracts, whereas the first season they said one male, one female would win.”

Working with TNA: “I really liked TNA when I fist got there, the energy was great. This was right in between Fox Sports and Spike TV deals. It was heavily based around the X-Division. I got my shot there by one of my Tough Enough cast members Jessie was working production with TNA and got me in contact with Terry Taylor. I think TNA shot themselves in the foot with trying to copy WWE by doing the whole Voodoo Kin Mafia thing and doing skits outside Titan Towers when Vince (McMahon) wasn’t even acknowledging them.”

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