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NewsIs WWE Causing a UK Women's Promotion to Stop Broadcasting on FITE?

Is WWE Causing a UK Women’s Promotion to Stop Broadcasting on FITE?



According to a report in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the EVE promotion in the UK which is an all-women’s promotion is no longer allowed to broadcast events on FITE.

Dave Meltzer does go on to suggest that this is likely due to WWE NXT UK Talent like Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven being utilized on those cards and if they were to appear on FITE TV they would no longer have access to any WWE-associated names:

“You can all speculate as to why, which is likely FITE TV broadcasting the opposition group outside the U.S., but EVE (U.K. based women’s group) has been told that they can’t put their shows on iPPV and Evolve is off FITE TV because if not they wouldn’t be allowed to get dates on talent under WWE contracts. EVE still uses Kay Lee Ray and Viper. The groups are still allowed to do iPPVs on their own and put their shows on their own streaming services, just not work with FITE, so it’s not the issue of WWE talent being used on iPPVs or streaming for a non-WWE company, the issue is FITE and it just changed, so you have to figure what has just changed.”
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