Ivelisse Reflects on Her WWE Tryout, WWE Performance Center


Ivelisse spoke about her WWE tryout from April of last year while doing an interview with Fightful

This is where she noted how impressed she was with the WWE Performance Center facility. Here is what she had to say: 

On her WWE tryout: “That went well. There’s been quite a lot of things that have happened throughout the rest of the year that obviously I can’t say. But, it’s a lot of like close… There’s been a few times you could’ve seen me on TV, but it’s just how it goes. My time will come soon. (As far as changes to WWE) I mean, obviously there’s a lot more improvements. The facility’s huge. But, definitely the performance aspect of building the talent on a physical level as athletes. That side was pretty impressive.”

On possible future plans: “No, I’d rather just not say nothing. I really would not say nothing. Want / should—two different things. I don’t like that. I’m always just focused on doing my thing. I’m chilling. No. I’m too close to—no, I’m not gonna mess up. I ain’t gonna slip up, not now.”

On taped vs. live: “Regardless, whether it’s taped or not I like to try my best to perform at a level where nothing has to be edited. But, yes, that’s always a plus. That part where they can edit something that didn’t go well or something.I think that was my first cage match that I can remember in sixteen years. And yeah, I love it. I absolutely love it. I’m very grateful for that opportunity to do anything like that different. And I keep pushing for it. Any kind of different thing that he’s all for, I’m all for. I love creating different stories, different stipulations, different everything, I love that.”

On women’s wrestling: “Well, clearly I feel like the hard work that women have put towards professional wrestling as females representing ourselves, I feel like it’s long overdue, obviously. But I’m just glad to see the changes happening. I wish I could have been more involved with it, but I was, you know, with the injuries and stuff like that, there’s been a lot that’s held me back than what I would have like to have achieved more—contribute, I mean, towards that. But, I’m ready. I’m here and I want, in any way, to contribute to that because that’s what I’ve always stood for and pushed for in my entire career.”

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