Ivory Addresses Her WWE Departure, Comments On The Right To Censor Group


Future WWE Hall of Famer Ivory recently appeared on Steve Austin’s podcast (via Wrestlinginc.com). Here are the highlights:

On being pitched the Right to Censor Role:

“Yeah, the only instruction Vince Russo ever gave me was, ‘just be a b—h,’” Ivory recalled. “They give you this name and I have no idea where it came from. And that was about the gist of my direction. ‘Just be a b—h, Ivory!’ ‘Okay, I’ll do my best!’ But, The Right to Censor, Stephanie [McMahon] approached me with it and she was really tentative about it, like, ‘nobody’s going to want to do this… would you want to join the group?’ And I said, ‘hell yeah!’ I was waiting for something to sink my teeth into, so I was all-in to be Miss Ivory of The RTC. It was great fun too!”

On her WWE departure:

“I was disgruntled because there was still some good action to be had in the ring and I wanted to be in my boots and not be a talking head when I had the best gig in the world! I mean, come on!” Ivory elaborated, “it was such an easy gig, but I’m not very good at accepting great offers right away. I was still kind of pissed that I wasn’t in the ring.”

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