Jack Gallagher Says WWE Had Plans To Debut Cruiserweight Tag-Team Titles


Former WWE Superstar Jack Gallagher took to his Instagram account on Tuesday, commenting on WWE’s original plans to debut Cruiserweight tag-team titles on the 205 Live brand. Of course, those plans wound up being nixed.

Gallagher said,

It’s Tuesday. You know what that means.

It’s time to talk about 205 Live!

I’ve had a few people enquiring about the existence of the cruiserweight tag team titles, so allow me to spill the tea.

There’s a truck that houses all the props that might be used during a weekly taping of Smackdown or Raw. Onboard you’ll find a collection of sledgehammers, barbed wire bats, even umbrellas. This also happens to be the place where two, purple and silver, cruiserweight tag team title belts were kept. They were kept there from the first week that the division appeared on television.

These belts were stubbled upon by a few members of the roster (who may have also took a few photos holding them –), so we all pitched ideas to get the titles introduced.

The two ideas that were often favoured were: One, to change the rules of cruiserweight tag team matches to the Mexican tag rules i.e. when both feet hit the floor on the outside of the ring that constitutes a legal tag; the other was to establish three men teams, instead of the usual two, and make them trios titles.

All of these ideas were – obviously – rejected.

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