Jack Swagger Reveals Advice Vince McMahon Gave Him For MMA Debut


Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger (real name Jake Hager) took part in a media scrum to promote his upcoming mixed martial arts (MMA) debut. Hager will face J.W. Kiser in a heavyweight contest this weekend (Sat. January 26, 2019) at Bellator 214. Hager discussed his journey to his MMA debut, support from fellow professional wrestlers, and advice received from WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Here are the highlights:

His journey into MMA: “I already feel like I won because of this journey,” Hager said. “I’ve been able to better myself in so many ways mentally and physically. I think Saturday is just gonna be the icing on the cake. It’s gonna be one of those things that I always remember in my life.”

Support from fellow professional wrestlers: “A lot of pro wrestlers don’t get the best receptions,” Hager said. “I feel like everybody loves me. What’s not to love. It’s been a very positive reception. I feel like my background definitely has helped. As far as pro wrestlers, everybody from Vince McMahon to Rey Mysterio to Roman Reigns…I feel like I’m a pro fighter so to have that pro wrestling family stand by me and support me has been really, really special.”

Advice from Vince McMahon: “Don’t lose.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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