Jack Swagger Talks Chris Jericho Threatening Him Before Winning WWE World Title, Vince McMahon, More


Former WWE World Champion Jack Swagger was recently a guest on Edge and Christian’s podcast, “E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness”, to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Swagger discussed Chris Jericho threatening him before his Money In The Bank (MITB) cash-in, and Jericho liking to tell the story when his wife is around. Here are the highlights:

Chris Jericho threatening him before cashing in his MITB: “So I got the call. We were in Phoenix [Arizona] the night before for RAW and SmackDown was in [Las] Vegas [Nevada] and I was already going to Vegas,” Swagger said. “It was after [WrestleMania] and my wife and I were going to have go and have a couple of days there. So they called me after RAW and said, ‘hey, come to SmackDown. We’ve got something for you,’ so I had a clue something was going on [regarding cashing in] then.

“So I get to the building at about 3 o’clock and [Johnny] Ace has me just wait in the hallway. ‘Naw, naw, kid – wait right here.’ And I think [Edge] was standing there at one point. And then, he came out and he pulled you in and then I went to go in and they’d close the door and he’d say, ‘no, kid – wait, wait, wait.’ So then, I’m out in the hallway waiting for a little bit.

“Maybe Jericho comes in then or entered the meeting or he was already in there. Then you guys finally pull me in and I thought it was pretty straightforward. Everybody was being professional and then Chris turns to me and pretty blatantly, in my face… are we allowed to cuss on here? Okay. Pretty blatantly, to my face, he turns, he goes, ‘don’t f–k this up! I’ll be watching every move!’ And I was like, ‘alright.

“I just want to make everyone better. I’m here.’ And, still, to this day, I don’t know if he was f–king with me, just seeing how I would react or if he was really serious.”

How serious Jericho was about it: “Knowing Chris, I’d say that he was legit serious, but also testing [Swagger], and seeing how [Swagger] would react,” Edge claimed. “I know what my reaction was because they were like, ‘what do you think?’ ‘Well, good by me. I’m not losing any sleep over it. I think it’d be great. It just gets one more person going.’ And I just remember Chris turning and saying that! I just went, ‘oh my God.’

“And if [Swagger] had said, ‘hey, f–k you [to Jericho]!’ [Swagger] would have been completely warranted in doing that. And then, it would have kicked off. And Chris would have tried, because Chris doesn’t back down, but I just kept thinking, ‘Chris, just leave it at that, man. Just leave it at that!’ And thankfully, that’s where it got left and we all went out and did business. But I just remember that story and howling afterwards. I’m like, ‘f–king Jericho!’ It’s great and it’s classically him.”

Jericho liking to tell the story around swagger’s wife: “Yes, it was great and every moment my wife is with Chris, he likes to bring up that story in front of her and I’m like, ‘thanks, man. Cool.’ But I did, in retrospect, powerbomb his shoes somewhere into the seventh floor of the Thomas & Mack arena that night, so I can’t complain too much.” Swagger added, “the only thing that was bad was Vince yelled at me for not hitting [Edge] hard enough with the briefcase. ‘It’s not ballet.'”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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