Jack Swagger Talks: UK Tour, Hulk Hogan, NXT & More


WWE Superstar Jack Swagger recently spoke with with The Huffington Post UK. Here are the highlights:

There has never been a UK WWE Champion, are they overdue?

Absolutely. Being a Real American I can admit that the British talent roster is amazing. It keeps getting deeper and deeper every year and I think we have more UK superstars on our roster than ever before. I think it’s only a matter of time before there’s a British WWE champion.

Who should we look out for at NXT as a future WWE star?

They’ve got so much amazing talent down at NXT. The one I’m most familiar with is Sami Zayn. I’ve been in the ring with him personally and was very impressed by his talent, athleticism and charisma- so he’s going to be one to look out for.

With Hulk Hogan being on the Smackdown UK tour, who are some legends you would like to see on the tour? 

That’s a good question. I have always been a fan of Scott Hall (Razor Ramon). He’s always been one of my favorites and he has one thing that you just don’t get on TV anymore… And that’s chest hair! I think we need tons and tons more chest hair. I can’t grow any so don’t expect it from me. But seriously, I think a Scott Hall/Razor Ramon and Jack Swagger would have an unbelievable match.

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