Jacob Fatu Says Seeing The Usos While In Jail Made Him Want To Be A Wrestler


In a recent MLW “All Access” video, Jacob Fatu commented on seeing The Usos on television while in jail and how it made him want to become a professional wrestler. For those unaware, Fatu is the cousin of the Usos.

You can check out some highlights from the video feature below:

On when he gained an interest in becoming a wrestler: “I really didn’t grow up wanting to wrestle. I didn’t want to wrestle at all until the day I caught my case for the 211 when I was 18. I was locked down, went to jail for some crazy reason. Every dorm has a TV. It’s just so happened to be flipping through the channels right? Who comes on my brothers, The Usos, man Jimmy and Jey coming on and I will never forget it. They came out with Tamina [Snuka] and they was wrestling against Tyson Kidd, another former MLW Superstar Davey Boy Smith, and Natalya. Man, when I was 18, locked down in Sacramento County Jail. I was flipping through the channels and I seen my brothers and them. I think that’s kind of like where I made my mind up.”

On learning backflips at Rikishi’s home: “Funny story was I used to go to my uncle Rikishi’s house every summer and back there they would have a wrestling ring set up. We had a trampoline so we’d move the trampoline in front of the wrestling ring and then right between the swimming pool and the wrestling ring. So the trampoline will be right there. That’s actually where I learned how to do my backflips was at my uncle Rikishi’s house. From the wrestling ring, go dive out, bounce onto the trampoline into the pool.”

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