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Jacques Rougeau Is Interested In Working With AEW



During a recent appearance on the “Ken’s Korner” podcast, former WWE Superstar Jacques Rougeau commented on his plans to visit the Nightmare factory and possibly working with AEW in the future.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Jeremy Prophet on wanting to use him as his manager: “There are so many things that are possible. There are a lot of things opening right now. I think I can bring a lot to the business. I had one of my talents, there is Matt Black, Chris Dillon, and Jeremy Prophet and his girlfriend, Jessica Black, but Jeremy Prophet was the one who first brought it to my attention. He said, ‘Jacques, I’m going to represent Quebec at the Nightmare Factory in AEW in Toronto, and I’m going to make it to the big leagues and I’d like to bring you as my manager.’ It kind of tingled my spider senses to say, ‘Hey, that would be fun’ to be like Jimmy Hart. I’m a good talker and have a lot of charisma. I think I could bring something, although Jeremy Prophet doesn’t need anybody to speak for himself. He lit up a little flame in me.”

On his plans to visit the Nightmare factory and possibly working with AEW: “I’m going to the Nightmare Factory in the fall to see the wrestling school. I may just give a hand, put my wrestling boots on and my gear to help a little bit and who knows where that could bring me. My mind is opening back to possibly, hopefully, participating in AEW somehow. If not, just continuing for the next five, six, seven years in my Wrestling Academy and being a trampoline for Canadian wrestlers, opening the door for them. I’m not getting any working papers or working visas for them, but what I can do is bring them for three months to the Nightmare Factory, and if they see what they like, they’ll get the papers and do the work.”

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