Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill Discusses Being In Such A Prominent Role For AEW


During a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, AEW wrestler Jade Cargill spoke about being put in such a prominent role so quickly after her debut. Cargill is the current TBS Champion and is undefeated in All Elite Wrestling.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


Being given a high-profile spot despite limited experience: “I just came in out of nowhere. These other girls have been grinding on the indies for years; they have a fan base. Like, they’ve given a lot of their time and work and all their bodies to the sport, and here I am, I’m coming in and I look good, and it’s like, ‘Okay, you’re kind of being shot to the top right now.'”

How talking with Britt Baker helped her: “[Britt is] not even our champ, but she’s on TV, she’s right there with our champ, she’s on flyers, she’s on this, but she puts asses in seats. So, that’s one woman I had a heart-to-heart with and I spoke about it like, ‘How do you deal with it?’ And she gave me some great advice, and now I could give a f**k less about any of that. I’m placed in a position, and I have to understand that I have to hold my head high and keep it moving. And I have to trust in our owner that he put me into this position for a reason.”

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