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Jake and Dave Crist Re-Sign with IMPACT Wrestling


During a recent interview with, Jake and Dave Crist revealed that they have re-signed with IMPACT Wrestling. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Jake Crist on IMPACT being home for them: “IMPACT has always been home to us. They always gave us a platform and were the first ones to give us a chance so why not stay loyal? I know this business isn’t a loyal business, but we’re loyal people.”

Jake Crist on wanting to stay loyal to IMPACT: “We were always deadset on staying loyal to IMPACT. They took a chance on my brother and I, so why not keep rocking and rolling? We love the direction and we are literally taking over everything. Sami Callihan, us…you’ll see what’s coming down the pipe. Ultimate X… it’s an amazing time for me as a performer with IMPACT Wrestling.”

Jake Crist on his Ultimate X debut at Homecoming: “It was nerve-racking. I can speak for every single one of us. They tell you otherwise – I can look them straight in the face and tell them they’re a liar. I was nervous but it was a dream come true because that’s where everything started for Impact Wrestling. I had a broken thumb going into it so I was just trying to concentrate on my grip the whole time.”

Crist on the Ultimate X match at United We Stand: “With the second one, the nerves will not be there and I’ll know what to expect. When you’re standing on that turnbuckle and you jump and reach for those ropes, it’s very nerve-racking the first time. Very few times do you do it the first time so coming into the second match I’ll know what to expect.”

Crist on wanting to beat Rich Swann for the X-Division title: “Absolutely. But the thing is, we want Rich Swann to come ‘home’ to Ohio, so the focus for me hasn’t been on the Ultimate X Championship. On April 4 my focus is Ultimate X. Rich Swann is one of our brothers. We’ve got a long, long history with Rich Swann. Rich Swann just needs to come home.”

Crist on wanting to recapture the tag team titles: ”Absolutely. We’re gonna bring the tag team championships back to oVe and if Rich Swann doesn’t join oVe and the X-Division Championship isn’t a part of us, I’ll go out and get that as well. My brother and I will always be a team. It’s us versus them. We’ve always had that mentality. That’s why it’s ‘For Ohio, By Ohio.’”

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