Jake Atlas

Jake Atlas Claims That Triple H Called Him NXT’s Next Big Babyface After Debut


Former WWE Superstar Jake Atlas appeared during a recent Highspots Sign-It Live and claimed Triple H told him following his NXT debut match that he would be NXT’s next big babyface star. He said,

My first WWE TV match was Dexter Lumis. It was the first NXT tapings of the pandemic era. We had already been shut down and the only thing running was Raw and SmackDown. We taped like five episodes of NXT at Full Sail. It was the first time we went back and the matches were out of order and whatever. I remember them saying, ‘You’re debuting on TV.’ It was cool…it was meant for him, it started a program for him. The social media accounts were like, ‘we have two debuts,’ and they really treated it like I was being introduced as well. He was awesome to work with. It’s funny in retrospect, the one thing I remember from that match is coming back from the curtain, and the lead writer at the time and Triple H were like, ‘We have our next big babyface,’ talking to me. Unfortunately, nothing came out of that, but it was nice to hear it after the match.

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