Jake Hager Addresses Possible Grappling Match With Jon Jones


AEW’s Jake Hager recently chatted with Renee Paquette and UFC’s Anthony Smith on SiriusXM

During the podcast, he addressed Jon Jones’ recent comments about a grappling match between himself and Hager for the Fury Professional Grappling promotion. Hager responded by noting that he hadn’t signed anything just yet. 

“Well I don’t know what’s going on because I’m training, I’m ready. As far as I know, it’s on and then it got quiet on his end. I don’t know if he saw my resume and was like, ‘Ouuu, this is an Oklahoma country boy I don’t wanna wrestle with.’ Maybe he saw that I wrestled for AEW and he got a little scared. You know, everybody wants to work for AEW so maybe he wants to get a job so I’m wondering, Jon, come out of hiding. Prove that you’re still the GOAT and I’ll put in a good word with Tony [Khan] for you. You know, I work with GOATS every single day Jon. I work with the GOAT of pro wrestling Chris Jericho so I’m like a farmer of GOATS and I can also wrestle a little bit. I think he’d wanna see that.”

“I was at dinner one night and just got the phone call from my head coach Josh Rafferty and he’s like, ‘Hey what’s up man? I got a great situation for you.’ He’s like, ‘You should say yes before I even tell you what it is’ and I’m like, ‘All right.’ I love Josh, he’s the man. I’m like, ‘Yes’ and then he tells me and I’m like, ‘Okay, yes. Go make it happen’ and so as far as I know, we were waiting from then on to just do the negotiations and finalize everything and he jumped the gun a little bit, made that Twitter announcement. We hadn’t had anything signed. I know my response was a little bit harsh but you know, you gotta get my name right, you gotta get my company right because you wanna work with me.”

H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcript

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