Jake Roberts Can’t Wait To Take A Drug Test, & More


Josh Stewart, a reporter for Newsday, spent twenty-four hours in Diamond Dallas Page’s “Accountability Crib” in Smyrna, Georgia, where 57-year-old former pro wrestling star Jake “The Snake” Roberts is cleaning up his life. The process is being filmed for a documentary titled “The Resurrection of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.”

“A lot of this is making sure you do the right things when you’re stepping into the danger zone,” Roberts said. “I’m not going put a gun in my mouth anymore, spit in the chamber and see if I get lucky. I wanted to have all the cards stacked against failing.”

On the day he was interviewed, Roberts said he couldn’t wait to take a drug test.

“I’ll get high by passing this test in a way, in a good way,” said Roberts. “Instead of hiding from a drug test I’ll be dancing when I go there.”

The story can be accessed here. Also featured is a photo gallery chronicling what a typical day for him is like.

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