Jake Roberts Comments On His Cobra Bite Angle With Randy Savage


During a recent interview with the “Grind City Wrestling” podcast, Jake Roberts commented on his famous cobra bite angle with “The Macho Man” Randy Savage. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On DDP’s Diamond Cutter: “Whenever he hit that, the first time that I’d seen it, he finally put some of that teaching that I had in his head and put it to work. To have a finishing maneuver that you can hit at anytime out of the blue, that’s what you want. That’s how you get that unbelievable pop from the people because they’re not expecting it. It’s just magic, man. When he came up with that, it’s a hold you can do on anybody. That’s very important because sometimes these finishing holds don’t work on everyone. You’re not gonna pick Andre The Giant up and drop him with the Razor’s Edge. That’s not happening, or a Tombstone, but you can do it with a DDT or a Diamond Cutter.”

On working with Jerry Lawler in Memphis: “[I don’t have a lot of stories] about working with The King. The King was smart. He kept away from everybody. He hid. One thing I can tell you about Memphis is back in the day when I was first starting, I was green out of the box and I didn’t have a clue what was going on, I came up to Memphis and the Memphis territory at the time was down and not bringing in a whole lot of fans, so that meant even less money for the talent. I was there for about two months and I went to Jarrett and he was running the show at the time and telling him that I had to leave. He said, ‘Why you leaving? You just got here.’ I told him I didn’t bring enough money because I’m digging out of my pockets to see. What the hell am I doing? That wasn’t a good experience for me.”

On his cobra/snake bite angle with Randy Savage: “I hate dealing with snakes. I’m scared of them just like everybody else, but I put that mask on because I’m a whore. I go out there and do my job and carry it out pretty damn well, just to pat on my own back, but yeah, I can’t stand snakes. If you go out and give it to somebody else, it’s always a fresh idea and watch the reaction. It’s wonderful.”

On Randy Savage making him take a snake bite first: “He wanted to make sure I didn’t take his title. If you know Randy, you know that’s what he’s like. He thinks the whole world is out to get him and whatever. It was pretty ridiculous, ‘Let the snake bite you first, brother.’ ‘Are you serious?’ I had to pull my damn pant leg up, let the snake bite me and then he wouldn’t let me move, wouldn’t let me walk off, ‘You ain’t taking no antidotes, no elixirs, no nothing brother. I want to see, if you die.’”

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