Jake Roberts Discusses His Issues With The WWE Hall Of Fame, More


Jake “The Snake” Roberts wants to see some changes made to the WWE Hall of Fame.

During the latest edition of his “DDP Snake Pit” podcast, Roberts commented on what he’d change about the Hall of Fame, Kamala deserving a Hall of Fame induction, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what he would change about the WWE Hall of Fame: “I still had a little sore spot in the back of my mouth that it should have happened years before [being inducted]. Because I’ve seen so many people that went in who I feel shouldn’t have gotten there. That’s my only beef with the Hall of Fame, is that there are people in there that shouldn’t be. I think it needs to be taken to the people, maybe given a vote. Maybe the guys in the Hall of Fame should vote for who comes in next. The system they’re using now stinks. Whether it be Hunter or whoever, I just don’t like the system they use and they put people in there who have nothing to do with wrestling. You know wrestling, there should be something out there just for wrestlers.”

On Kamala deserving a Hall of Fame induction: “There’s another guy who I think should definitely be in there. And I’m sure because of things that were said and done he’ll probably never get there, and that’s Kamala. Kamala was a great character and he made a lot of money. James Harris was a sweet, sweet man. What a voice he had as a singer. He could sing like a bird. You would never have thought a country and western singer, he’d made you cry, man. He had some really bad health problems and he became very bitter. He just wanted help and he said some things that, of course, are going to stick and will probably keep him out of the hall, but I would have loved to see James there.”

On what he thinks the criteria for the Hall of Fame should be: “At least five years. At a point where, you don’t have to be the main event, but you would have to be someone who shook the business. That went out and did the work. That’s the thing, gotta be one hundred percent in. Popularity has to be a part of it. You know, if the fans gravitated towards you, or rose you up, definitely. There’s so much to be considered.”

On his return to WWE on the January 2014 Old School RAW: “The electricity that hit me, man, wow. I hadn’t breathed like that in years, man, and my lungs just – wow. It’s that magical moment when you go out in front of those fans and they hit you with all that love. I got the yellow Cobra and I go out there – the Python. I go out there and wind up putting the snake on [Dean] Ambrose, and CM Punk, ‘oh my god, the snake sh*t on you.’ Ambrose starts laughing whilst laying there. Thanks for killing my gimmick, kid. But I got so much respect for CM Punk that night, who wasn’t one of my guys who I thought I’d like because he went over to the ropes and sat down and give me the whole ring. If he’d been standing, he’d have been drawn part of that. But he gave me the whole ring and let me enjoy that super, fantastic moment, because brother, it’d been a long time.”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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