Jake Roberts Issues WWE Royal Rumble Statement


Jake “The Snake” Roberts has issued the following statement in response to questions as to whether he would appear at the 2014 Royal Rumble . Ever since getting a hold on his life with help from DDP and getting some surgery which has helped him physically, Roberts has been campaigning for an appearance.

Roberts said, “Daily questions on Rumble. Here is my official statement . I have had no contact from WWE. I publicized returning at the Royal Rumble as my goal about a year ago. Looking back, setting goals that are entirely in someone else’s hands was not the best idea. My advice, and my practice now is to set goals that you can control. Do your best to control your destiny. If the Rumble happens, I will do my best to put on a memorable performance. If they want to keep me around, I know I can do some cool stuff. It if doesn’t, I still have plenty to look forward to. That’s all on the Rumble and WWE for a while. Please enjoy the rest of these holidays with your loved ones. Thanks again for all the support. Remember, the Snake ALWAYS bites back.”

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