​Jake Roberts Loses His WWE Hall Of Fame Ring Over The Weekend, Offers Reward, & More


WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts tweeted the following over the weekend, offering a reward for his WWE Hall of Fame ring. Roberts lost the ring on Sunday:

Enzo Amore recently did an interview with the Post and Courier, hyping the November 27th WWE live event in the North Charleston Coliseum. Here are some highlights:

On his real-life relationship with Big Cass: “Me and Cass both hooped when we were youngsters. When I met him, he was not nearly as big as he is now. As a matter of fact, I think I was about the same size. He had quite a growth spurt in his latter years. We had the opportunity to reconnect in Florida Championship Wrestling when I was signed to WWE. It’s been a rap ever since. The chemistry kind of started off as Yankees fans, and rooting for the New York Knicks and the Jets and the Giants. We just had that camaraderie right off the bat where we both were enthused by pro sports. We rooted for the same teams so we ended up watching games together and just became good buddies. We went to a Yankees-Tampa Bay Devils Ray game and just hit it off.”

On working on his mic skills at a very young age: “My microphone skills were developed at a young age watching my dad on the microphone. My dad DJ’ed bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, things of that nature. I have tattooed on my hand the silver throwback mics from back in the day. My father used to have one of those when he’d lead people at the YMCA doing the cha-cha slide.”

On WWE establishing a working relationship with Champs Sports: “I’ve had an affinity for Michael Jordan. He’s probably the greatest athlete in my generation. I just like the thought of the competitiveness he brought to the arena and on the court. I’d like to bring that competitiveness to the ring whether it be on the microphone or in the squared circle itself. I idolized him as a child, and I like to think as a fashionista every single week is an opportunity and a platform on national television for millions of people to put on a fashion show. I take over Champ Sports’ Snapchat every Monday. We get to see a different pair of Jordans every single week. I’ve never worn the same Jordans twice. It keeps people on their toes … like a small man at a urinal.”

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