Jake Roberts Recounts Near-Death Experience With An Alligator


Once upon a time, when wrestlers traveled from town to town, they often found themselves in strange and unexpected situations. One such story was shared by Jake “The Snake” Roberts on the latest episode of The Snake Pit. Jake Roberts was driving down Alligator Alley in a Plymouth station wagon with his wrestling colleagues, when they stumbled upon an unexpected sight – a dead alligator lying on the road.

Being the adventurous group that they were, they decided to help the alligator. Recounting the plan, Roberts said,


“We back up and get out and make sure it’s dead, and throw it in the back of that f***ing car. We were just going to take him home man, it’s like a seven or eight-foot alligator or something. There was room for it right there, you can reach over the seat and pat him and everything.”

However, things took a surreal turn when they heard a noise coming from the alligator. Despite thinking that the reptile was dead, it was not so.

“All of a sudden we hear it, that mother****** wasn’t quite dead, no he was coming back. So we had to go ahead and kill it, man.”

It’s evident that Jake Roberts seems to have a particular and peculiar obsession with reptiles, but it almost proved to be catastrophic in this instance.

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