Jake Roberts Reveals He Nearly Died Due To Sickness A Few Months Ago


In a recent interview on Rasslin’ with Brandon Walker, Jake Roberts talks about pitching his snake gimmick to Bill Watts, getting really sick a few months ago, and more. The highlights from Jake Roberts below.

Jake Roberts on pitching the Jake ‘The Snake’ gimmick to Bill Watts:

“I liked the name. Well, then as the craziness started happening, I went to Bill Watts. I was wrestling a guy called Humongous, and he wore a hockey mask. I had to go with something to counter that hockey mask. Bill Watts, I told him about the snake thing, and he said, ‘This is not a carnival, Jake.’ I’m like, really? I thought it was. If wrestling’s not a carnival, I don’t know what is? He said, ‘What we’ll do is, we’ll give you a hockey mask.’ I was like that’s so original. He told me the snake thing would never work.

On getting sick a few months ago and nearly dying:

“I got sick here a while back, and I almost died. Just a few months ago. No, it wasn’t COVID. It’s just a thing that happens with people like me that are foolish, that wind up smoking cigarettes. It got me down, man. It was stomping a hole in me, and I woke up one morning and I started coughing and I couldn’t quit. When I did quit, I had no air, I couldn’t breathe. I could not get any air up, and I fell to the floor and I reached out and grabbed the phone and I called my daughter.

She lives like four minutes from me. She got her ass over there, scooped me up, dragged me to the hospital, and I almost died. I almost died. My lungs, they barked. They said enough, man, you gotta stop Jake. You’re killing us and bottom line, I obviously have OPD, I have emphysema. My own doing, and unfortunately, my family, we have a couple of lung issues anyway genetically, and I did not know that. Here I am today, and everything is beautiful. It makes me feel so good.”

On getting back together with his ex-wife:

“She’s gonna kill me for this, but I’m gonna say it anyway. The love of my life did the hardest thing there was to do, which was tell me to leave and get out of the house. That was 24 years ago. We’re getting back together. I’m in love again. It’s unbelievable, man. She went through hell with me and she was watching me destroy myself. She had to be strong enough to get me out of the house so I didn’t hurt the kids and make them watch it. I owe her so much. She’s such a beautiful woman, and I’m so grateful to her.

h/t to Rasslin’ with Brandon Walker and 411mania.com for the transcription.

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