Jake Roberts Shares Old-School Story Of A Fan Shooting At Him With A Pistol


During a recent interview with Derrick’s Reptiles, Jake “The Snake” Roberts recounted one of the most unbelievable stories you’ll ever hear, in professional wrestling or otherwise. The incident occurred while he was wrestling Sting in Dallas, Texas.

While Sting was one of the most beloved babyfaces during the time, Roberts was universally despised for his heelish tendencies. Roberts said,


“Craziest one would have been in Dallas, Texas. I was wrestling Sting. A guy stood up in the ninth row, reached in his jacket. [He] pulled out a pistol and started shooting at me. He got three shots off. Missed me. That’s about as crazy as it gets. I jumped my ass out of that ring, got underneath the ring and hid.”

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