Jake Roberts Shares Thoughts On Jerry Lawler Trying To Make Him Drink At SummerSlam ’96


Jake Roberts was part of an infamous angle in 1996, where Jerry Lawler mocked his alcoholism and tried to force-feed him alcohol. He recalls his reaction to it in a new interview. Roberts spoke with Inside the Ropes for an interview and was asked about the storyline, which included a segment at SummerSlam 1996 where Lawler tried forcing him drink a bottle of bourbon. You can see the highlights below:

On what he thought of the segment: “Well, I thought it was a horrible thing for McMahon to ask me to do. It was cheap, it was disrespectful, it didn’t prove a damn thing other than the fact that Vince McMahon’s an asshole, so there you go. Lawler, he’s in the the same boat. Both a**holes.”

On how he’s doing physically now: “You know, I’ve got some issues that I have to watch, but it’s getting better all the time because I did quit smoking. That’s really hard to do. I will be around for a long time, I have grandkids I want to hang out with now. I want to make somebody else miserable, so have fun. Yeah, I’m doing much better.”

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