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Jake Roberts Thinks That Character Work Is Lacking In Pro Wrestling



Jake “The Snake” Roberts spoke recently about how wrestling today lacks the character work to make things stick with an audience, and that things feel a bit too rushed. The WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW talent spoke to WrestleRant when he weighed in on what’s missing from modern pro wrestling.

Roberts stated, “You know, everything they’re doing now is rushed so much. They’re not taking the time to develop characters. They’ve got a lot of great athletes going out there, flying through the air, and doing inconceivable things to their bodies. At the end of the night, nothing sticks. What was that? What are they gonna do next? It’s because there is not a character involved and I’d like to see them start working on their characters. Of course, they’ll do that with interviews, that’ll help a lot, and hopefully I’ll be able to help some of those guys do better interviews. That’s my new job in AEW and hopefully I’ll do a good job of it. But, the product is still needed, it’s still wanted, but it gets frustrating when you see the same mistakes going on and on. Sometimes I’m like, if I had some teeth to pull out I would but these are connected.”

Roberts was recently named as a Special Advisor to the AEW Community program. He returned to AEW television on Friday’s episode of Rampage, appearing alongside Lance Archer.

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