Jake “The Snake” Roberts Reveals The One Wrestler Who He Hated Working With, Says That He Is Afraid Of Snakes & Shares An Andre The Giant Story


WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently took part in a Q&A session on Reddit via Squared Circle Sirens. In the excerpts below, Roberts noted that although his pet snake “Damien” was a part of his gimmick, he was always terrified of snakes. Roberts also revealed a hilarious Andre The Giant story that most may not have heard before.

Here are the highlights: (you can check out the entire Q&A session by clicking this link)

Andre The Giant Story:

“One time he had a few too many drinks, and that’s hard to say because he NEVER got drunk. He was tipsy and he got me in the ring and went to clutch me in the corner which he’d done a hundred times. This time, his hand slipped and he came down on me, and he’s sitting on me trying to get up and I hear him laughing – you don’t laugh in the ring, especially with Andre. The ref asked him why he was laughing and I hear him say, “I’m farting!” It was like 45 seconds and I could feel it. When he got off of me there was like a birth mark on my arm…He use to do some pretty horrifying stuff to me just playing around, but his idea of playin around could be a near death experience on the other end of it.”

Roberts Being Scared Of Snakes:

“Absolutely, I am terrified of snakes, always have been and always will be. It was just a great idea. I came up with it years ago, and I go to WWF and they finally let me do it. When the reality of doing it sunk in, I was terrified. […] I’ve been bit over 20 times, they can strangle you… it takes them just seconds to kill you… Ricky Steamboat had to pull one off of me, when I came thru the snake was in the audience and I grabbed him and got him under control.”

What Wrestler Did Jake “The Snake” Not Like Working With:

“Vader — He broke my sternum twice. Back to back. I wrestled him once, he broke it. I wrestled him again after I healed and he broke it again. I’ve had so many injuries over the years, and I don’t need something like that from someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.”



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