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NewsJames Storm Comments on His Skepticism After Billy Corgan Purchased the NWA

James Storm Comments on His Skepticism After Billy Corgan Purchased the NWA



During a recent interview with Fightful, NWA National Champion James Storm commented on Billy Corgan purchasing the NWA and his original thoughts on it, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

His thoughts on studio wrestling and not getting to experience it in USWA when he started training: “It’s kind of cool. When I started training, I was about to have a match in USWA. I broke my shoulder and I wasn’t able to have my match. For all those who didn’t know, USWA did the studio wrestling. I felt like I lost out when I wasn’t able to wrestle there, but now with Billy Corgan bringing back studio wrestling, it’s cool with all the experience and big arenas and all that, coming back to a studio — you gotta know what you’re doing or they’ll let you know. I grew up in the middle Tennessee area where USWA was. Me and my grandfather would always catch them when they came to Nashville.”

Storm on his skepticism for NWA when Billy Corgan bought in 2017: “As soon as I hear something like that I’m like ‘how is this guy going to be able to explain to me certain things when he’s never been in the wrestling ring?’ Same for Dave Lagana. With all the packages Dave Lagana put together for Ten Pounds of Gold, and once I sat down and talk to Billy — he’s really smart to the wrestling business and the history of wrestling. It’s really great to be able to get that aspect of him and learn from him. He can give you ideas you wouldn’t think of on your own.”

James Storm on wrestling being at the forefront again: “I didn’t know about every single day, I just tweeted out, ‘This just in from the Heavenly Press: Due to all of the wrestling, church is moved to Thursday night, sincerely God.’ Wrestling is everywhere now! For so long when I was on planes, I’d meet closet wrestling fans. Now it’s back at the forefront, it’s cool to be a wrestling fan. You don’t have to hide that you’re a wrestling fan.”

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