Jaxson Ryker Says He Has A Lot Of Creative Freedom In WWE


During a recent interview with the “Radical Lifestyle” podcast, Jaxson Ryker commented on having creative freedom in WWE, his current feud with Elias, and more. He said,

“They’re really open with our creativity as far as what we’re allowed to do and say. Obviously, we have to pull back the reigns a little bit, but with WWE, they’re open to creativity. Now that Elias and I have done a switch and we’re fighting each other, they’re giving me an opportunity to touch base on my Marine Corp history. It’s cool and there are certain things I would say and won’t say. There’s a good bit of leeway. It’s not like, I’ve done movies before and it’s like, ‘Verbatim, say that right there. That’s what the writer and producer wants. Don’t steer away from it.’ With WWE, there is leeway.”

Ryker vs. Elias in a Strap Match will take place on tonight’s episode of RAW.

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