Jaxson Ryker Says People Must “Rise Up” Against Homosexuality – Wrestlers Respond


Wrestlers and fans have not taken well to Jaxson Ryker’s recent comments that people must “rise up” against homosexuality and abortion.

Ryker (who wrestled in Impact Wrestling as Gunner) was released from WWE in November 2021 after earning an “incredible amount of heat” due to comments made about race and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ryker recently said that CM Punk wearing a pro-choice shirt during AEW Dynamite was “truly sad.”

In his latest tweet, Ryker said:

“Rise up! Rise up against abortion, against homosexuality, against gender agenda, against that which Goes against the Word. Share love in doing so. We all have faced times in sin where a brother or sister showed us Jesus and his love. Church we must love and speak truth.”

The former WWE Superstar earned considerable backlash in response, as you can see below.

Following his release, Ryker said that it “blew my mind” that people call him a bigot.

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