Jay Briscoe Discusses What Got Him Interested In Wrestling, Singles vs. Tag-Team Wrestling


ROH Champion Jay Briscoe recently appeared on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. Here are the highlights…

On What Got Him Interested in Wrestling: “I remember Heatwave ’99, I think it was, that was our first pay-per-view that we watched. I just remember Shane Douglas starting it off… ‘Cut the f***ing music!’… It just captured us. The first time we saw it, we had a youth basketball tournament in Philly. We were in seventh or eighth grade and we were hanging out in the hotel room after the game; we just turned the TV on and there it was. We were just hooked from the first time we saw it.”

On The Brothers Becoming Singles Stars: “The one who it bothers the most is my mother. She’s not a big fan of us doing singles. She wants straight tag team. But it’s all good.”

On Breaking Brother Mark’s Nose: “I remember we were backyard wrestling one time and I gave Mark a ‘Van Daminator’. Ended up breaking his nose and… he was bleeding bad. I guess Dad was watching out the kitchen window and he saw it go down so he rolls down the window and starts hollering, ‘Now break his nose, Mark! Break his nose!”

On The Chicken Farm Promos: “All the boys in the locker room, when we’d tell them that we grew chickens and that we had a chicken farm and everything, they were all so interested,” Briscoe said. “We would explain the whole process and everything and they were like, ‘Well, you know, if these guys are so into these stories, then maybe we can broaden it out a little bit.”

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