Jay Briscoe Says ECW Inspired Him To Get Into Wrestling, More


Jay Briscoe spoke with Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast in a new interview. Check it out below, along with some highlights:

On wanting to get into wrestling: “[ECW] Heat Wave ’99 was the first pay-per-view that we ever watched … We did a lot of backyard [wrestling]. We recorded everything we did; it was just me versus Mark. We had a little boombox that would play the music. It started on a trampoline, then our trampoline fell apart so we used the frame for a ring that we built. We took a bunch of boards and put it on top of the frame, got some tires and put them underneath … We were trying to get into schools, but we were 15 and 16 at the time, and nobody would take you.”

On why they’ve never gone to WWE: “There’s been – we’ve talked with them in the past. We have a lot of stuff going on at home. The schedule those guys got – my wife is home with three kids. Mark’s wife is home with three kids. I’m never going to say never, but…”

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