Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal Comments On ROH’s Future Following The Elite’s Departure


During a recent appearance on Sam Roberts’ podcast, Jay Lethal commented on The Elite’s departure from Ring of Honor and the future of the company. You can check out some highlights and a video from the interview below:

On his position with Ring of Honor: “I’m the face of a company known around the world for its wrestling, not only once, but twice. This is my second time. Winning the belt is like getting a promotion. It’s getting that corner office that you always wanted. The company that you work for says this guy has what it takes, it’s time to reward him, and they reward you. And then you’ve gotta think about this now, you did such a good job we’re going to reward you again. It’s like getting another promotion. Ric Flair had 16, 17 promotions.”

On The Elite’s Ring of Honor departure: “Ring of Honor, although some people may have a different opinion, I don’t think we’re in trouble ’cause some people are leaving. It’s business as usual. Ring of Honor has always picked up and carried on. If you need proof, just look back and see all the people that they’ve lost and look at the things they’ve been able to do after those people were gone. We appreciate everything every wrestler has ever done for this company while they’ve been here and if they’re no longer here, we thank you. But moving forward, I don’t think that Ring of Honor is gonna be in any trouble. I think the future is bright. We’re going to Madison Square Garden, I think everything is going to be okay.”

On ROH’s main focus on The Bullet Club while they were under contract: “I don’t think Ring of Honor purposely made some of the shows into The Bullet Club’s show, you know what I mean? Although it did kind of seem like that on the surface for some of the shows. I just think that those guys had so much star power and they were so over, that no matter where you put them on the show, they were gonna become the focal point of the show anyway cuz of how over they were.”

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