Jay Lethal Discusses The CM Punk Situation, ROH, More


Jay Lethal recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio, here are the highlights…

On ROH’s 12th Anniversary: “Well, already signed for the 12th anniversary show is myself versus the returning AJ Styles which I’m really excited about and it’s something to be excited about because as a company, Ring of Honor is showing growth. Guys are coming back and there’s a lot of controversy and such around AJ’s return because he was somewhere else before and now he’s back with Ring of Honor and of course with the acquisition of AJ there’s a few more eyes on Ring of Honor who may not have been watching before but they are now and that is exciting.”

On The CM Punk situation: “Would I like to see CM Punk return to Ring of Honor? Of course. Mainly the reason would be from a business standpoint. The fact that AJ Styles is returning brings a couple of new eyes paying attention to Ring of Honor. That situation would carryover to the fact that I would love CM Punk to come back to Ring of Honor because then there would be a few more eyes watching Ring of Honor that perhaps weren’t watching Ring of Honor before. And they’ll see a couple of matches and they’ll see that Ring of Honor actually has one of the greatest wrestling products out there and they’d continue to watch much after CM Punk’s matches. I do think that there is a big chance [that Punk could return to Ring of Honor] because before CM Punk left Ring of Honor to go to WWE I was there for one of his last matches and I was there for a lot of CM Punk’s career in Ring of Honor and CM Punks blood and his DNA strands have Ring of Honor written all over it. The way he acted, he just loved Ring of Honor so much that I really do believe that CM Punk could return.”

On Working with Ric Flair: “I’ve never been married, I don’t have any kids, so at this point in time any and every single interaction that I’ve ever had with Ric Flair, namely when I got to wrestle him, is considered to me be the greatest day and greatest night of my entire life. Like I said I don’t think I’ve grasped and really tried to understand exactly what has happened in such a short time and when I realize it I think I’m going to explode. That was the greatest time I’ve ever had in my life.”

On Being a well-known young guy: “I really don’t think about it that often, I just feel like it has all happened so fast that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and think about it. I know for a fact that once it slows down and I can sit and think about everything that has happened I’d go insane. I don’t think that I have fully grasped everything because I have been extremely lucky and blessed.”

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