Jay Lethal Says He’s At Home In ROH, Discusses Pairing With Sonjay Dutt


Jay Lethal is currently working for ROH and AEW now that the promotion is owned by Tony Khan. 

Speaking on the Casual Conversations podcast, Lethal discussed his pairing with Sonjay Dutt. He said,

“That idea was presented to me and it was quite a shock when it was presented. All I can think of is, we’re always together, we ride to the shows together, sometimes, when my match is done, I could go back to the hotel, but I stay until the very end because Sonjay is one of the producers and he has to stay until the end. I think it’s a case of, everyone sees us together, they know that we’re real-life friends and ‘man, these two would be cool together.’ That’s as much info as I can give you because the idea was presented to me and why would I turn that down? I would love to work with my best friend. It was maybe sparked because whenever you see us at AEW, we’re always together.”

Lethal also noted that when he’s a champion in ROH, he feels at home. 

“I’m right at home in Ring of Honor when I’m the champion. If AEW is going to start up Ring of Honor again, it only makes sense that I’m in the World Title picture since I’ve been with Ring of Honor so long. You can’t talk about Ring of Honor without mentioning Jay Lethal in the World Title picture. It was a natural thing that had to happen,” he said.

H/T to Fightful for the transcript

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