Jay Lethal Speaks On Headlining Final Battle, How ROH Has Changed


ROH World Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal spoke to Sporting News to promote his headlining match against Cody Rhodes at the Final Battle pay-per-view event on December 14, 2018, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, New York.

In this interview, he spoke about various topics including this match and how the Baltimore-based promotion has changed since 2003. Here are the highlights:

How ROH Has Changed:

“On a personal level, the biggest thing I can remember from back then is that I didn’t belong there. It’s like someone just going into an office and trying to do the job of someone far more qualified and expecting to get good results for the company, but I had to stick around there so I could digest from the guys around me. Honestly, it felt like I had literally fallen through a crack in the floor and ended up in a wrestling company that had the best wrestlers in the world. I walked in there not knowing a lot and then I’m surrounded by guys like Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and Low Ki. I literally had no right to be in the ring with any of those guys. It gave me a solid foundation to become the wrestler I am today. Ring of Honor taught me so much about the wrestling business, and then I had to go to TNA to learn about wrestling on TV, in front of cameras, on PPV, and that was another part of my life that went a long way to shaping my character. Today I feel like I could offer an awful lot to any wrestling company, but there’s no way I felt like that back then.”

ROH Final Battle:

“First off it’ll be good to back in NYC as it means my friends can come over from Jersey and watch me do my thing. Onto the match, well, what you’re going to get is two guys who take their job so serious and give 100 percent every single time they step in the ring and [this weekend] will be no different. When I wrestle, my main priority is to make sure that I give the fans value for money and that they leave the venue and go home with some amazing memories from watching Jay Lethal. Cody is exactly the same and if he’s going into next week’s match the way I am then I’m certain that we can deliver something special and everyone will go home more than happy after watching us go all out for my Ring of Honor title.”

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