Photo Credit: ROH Wrestling

Jay Lethal Speaks On Re-Signing With ROH, If WWE Had Contacted Him, More


Former ROH World Champion Jay Lethal recently spoke with about staying with ROH and more.

On if he re-signed with ROH:

“Yes, that is true. You guys are the first people to ask me that straight out, therefore this is the first time I’m answering it straight out. Yes, I did just sign a 2 year deal with Ring of Honor. I’m here to stay.”

On if he had any contact with WWE before re-signing with ROH:

“No, I really had no real contact with them. Especially since my contract with Ring of Honor never officially ended before I re-signed. So, we weren’t allowed to talk with each other until the contract runs out, so no, not really.”

You can read the full interview here.

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