Jay White on Not Comparing Himself to Other Bullet Club Leaders


The current leader of Bullet Club is Switchblade Jay White. Since his rise to power, many people have compared him to Finn Balor during his time as the leader of the club because of the charisma and the manner in which he carries himself.

Recently, Jay spoke to Sports Illustrated and said that he does not compare himself to any of the past Bullet Club leaders:

“Each of those guys are different to each other, just as I’m different to all of them. I don’t compare myself to them. Each of us has brought something new to the table, but none of them have had the level of success that I have had in the amount of time that it’s taken me.
People love to throw comparisons around and say that I’m trying to be like those guys, but that’s just because they’re afraid of change, scared of progression and evolution, they’re frightened of changing because all they’re used to is getting comfortable in their own boring and unfulfilling lives. They have no idea what success is even when it’s stood right in front of them with the most prestigious prize in our entire industry.”

Jay also discussed his time as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion and the career validation that the championship has provided:

“All my time with the IWGP heavyweight title has taught is that it takes a shiny gold belt to make people open their eyes. I’ve known how good I am the whole time, I knew I was better than anybody else that had the belt. So this has only reinforced to me that wrestling fans love to live in denial. They don’t want to admit that I am the best, even though the proof is right in front of them.”
To read the full interview, click here.

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