Jay White Says He Wants To Work For AEW, Impact Wrestling & WWE At The Same Time


AEW and Impact Wrestling star “Switchblade” Jay White said during an interview with the Strong Style podcast that he would like to wrestle for AEW, Impact Wrestling and WWE all at the same time. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On feeling like he can show up anywhere in the US: “I could see myself showing up there either Monday or Friday at this rate, you know? Monday RAW. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be on Dynamite on Wednesday, you’ve got Thursday on Impact, then you’ve got Friday on Rampage, and hey, maybe SmackDown as well. I can see myself – at this rate, I can see myself showing up there as well. And then you go Saturday, I’m back on Impact again.”

On who invited him to Dynamite: “The invitation came through, from, from my good buddy, Adam Cole. He just reached out to me and he asked me if I’d like to come in. Without giving away too much if I’d like to come and maybe give the Young Bucks a hand, as he said. So, yeah it was the right time because I guess the right person asked.”

On his relationship with Adam Cole: “Me and Adam Cole, we don’t have any history. We don’t, there’s no beef between us. We’ve never had any sort of issue. We wrestled once a while ago in Ring of Honor, and there were no personal issues there. So although, yeah, I know Bullet Club has had this stuff with the Elite before, I was never a part of that. So, you know, I had my stuff with Kenny (Omega) before, but I beat him, you know? Took that belt from him and so I have nothing else to prove to him or anybody about that. So again with Adam Cole, we get along, we have no reason not to so far, so I don’t see why our paths would cross. If that happens, that happens. Then you know what, okay. But at this point, I see no reason for it.”

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