Jazz: “I’m Proud To Be Part Of Billy Corgan’s NWA Team!”, & More


Jazz recently spoke about the state of the NWA and more in her recent interview with Solo Wrestling. You can check out some highlights below:

On her match against Penelope Ford at NWA 70: “Penelope was a tough rival. I think it’s the first time she gets into the ring with someone of my level, but she did it well. Although, I was very excited, ‘the b—- is back’ and that night was my time to show the world that I am, the NWA Women’s Champion, and I deserve to continue being so. I’m showing the world why I am the one chosen to represent the NWA.”

On holding the NWA Women’s Championship: “More than 800 days of reign and continuing. [Billy[ Corgan has a vision of what he wants for NWA and I think he’s going in the right direction and I’m part of his team, which I’m proud of and I’m happy to carry out what NWA is, the old school. It’s what the fans miss, tell a story, work a part of the body. All those things, jumping from the ropes, doing cartwheels … my girls can do it in three weeks, but if you go out and work one leg during a 20-minute battle, that teaches me that you can wrestle.”

On the difference between wrestling being 45 years old and 25 years old: “It’s different, my body has now received more bumps and scars, but I work smart, not hard. I’m a veteran, I know how to work. I do not have to go out and do 15 big moves to get a reaction.”

On working with Paul Heyman: “Paul Heyman is just a character. But you know, he is a genius. A lot of people have bad things to say about him, but when it comes to wrestling, he is a genius. He can turn anyone into a superstar and that’s what I love about Paul. This is a dirty business, so everybody has a reputation of doing something wrong or something bad, especially if you ever had any type of power. Paul has a bad reputation of that, but he also has a great reputation of begin a phenomenal guy within the business itself because, like I said, he can turn a mop into a superstar.”

On WWE’s take on ECW: “Most definitely they watered ECW down. I don’t even know why they called it ECW, because they had some of the ECW original talent? But as far as the way we had our shows and the way we performed. It was totally different than what we did in the original ECW. Yes, it was very watered down.”

On intergender matches: “I love them if they are done in the right way. If psychology is good, you can have one of the best matches, especially with the talent there is. In fact, [my husband] Rodney Mack and I challenge anyone to a mixed tag match. We challenge the world.”

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