Jazz Injured + Lanny Poffo On McMahon/Savage Issues


— SHINE made the following announcement today…

From the desk of Lexie Fyfe, VP of Talent Relations:

I just got off of a very long and painful phone call with Jazz. Her doctor has informed her that she is indefinitely out of action due to her ongoing severe neck injuries.

She was in low spirits and very upset that she is going to have to miss the biggest night for SHINE so far.She has promised to do all the rehab that her doctor has suggested and stated that she will be back to claim what she says is rightfully hers. Everyone at SHINE would like to take this opportunity to thank Jazz for all that she has done for this company and would like to wish her a complete and speedy recovery.

In light of this and Allysin Kay’s suspension, SHINE officials will be making a statement shortly regarding the status of the SHINE championship tournament.

It has been announced that the decision of the SHINE Championship Committee, as well as the entire format of the SHINE Championship Tournament, will be announced later tonight via a special WWN Live Alert at 7:55 PM EST.

— Lanny Poffo was a guest on Live Audio Wrestling Sunday night. Here are the highlights…

The issue between Vince McMahon and Randy Savage: “If I didn’t have the guts to ask Randy to his face about what you’re referring to, then I wouldn’t dare speculate about it now.”

If the WWE has contacted the family about the Hall of Fame: “I got a call from John Laurinaitis before the Miami (WrestleMania), the year before last. He was real nice to me, he just forgot to extend his condolences. I’m from the old school; even if you’re glad he’s dead, just pretend like you loved him and extend your condolences. That’s all I ask. He was just trying to get my feedback on that. I said, ‘Go ahead and do it, but make sure you play the video of the Huckster and the Nacho Man,’ so he can keep it even.”

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