Jazz Opens Up About Racism In WWE & Not Being At WWE Evolution


Current NWA Women’s Champion, Jazz, recently spoke to SoloWrestling.com about a multitude of topics. Jazz discusses her run in WWE, whether or not WWE is racist, not being at WWE Evolution, and more. Below are some highlights:

On not being at WWE Evolution:

No, I was somewhere else defending the NWA championship. I created my own evolution, I do not need WWE to be part of my evolution. I am the Fighting Phenom, I create my own legacy. I do not need anyone putting a word in front of my name, I make my own way.

On her WWE run:

Yes, there probably would have been more (titles), but things did not work between us. But I was one of the most dominant heels, I would say in the history of WWE. Now they have fantastic girls, like Charlotte Flair, a fantastic heel. I would have liked to be in this era, because I think I was ahead of my time. I think it would fit perfectly in this era.

On if racism exists in WWE & the current Hulk Hogan situation:

Honestly, I do not know. Everyone has their own intuition, their beliefs in how WWE treats fighters who are not Caucasian … but there is a lot of politics around, I would not say it is racism but there are many policies and I am not the kind of person who gets into those messes Maybe it was not something for me.

Again, with WWE you can never say what they will do. Hogan, of course, is one of the best in history. About what he said, not everyone will agree with him but everyone has the right to say … but as for WWE, the only thing that matters is the opinion of Vince McMahon. If he wants it back, he’ll be back.

On her current run as NWA Women’s Champion:

There’s a lot of history behind [the title] since a lot of people do not know it but I’m the first African-American woman to win the title, so again, my evolution, my path.

More than 800 days of reign and continuing. Corgan has a vision of what he wants for NWA and I think he is going in the right direction and I am part of his team, which I am proud of and I am happy to carry out what NWA is, the old school. It’s what the fans miss, tell a story, work a part of the body. All those things, jumping from the ropes, doing cartwheels … my girls can do it in three weeks, but if you go out and work one leg during a 20-minute battle, that teaches me that you can fight.

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